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Daniel Goleman and the Hay Group have identified a set of competencies that differentiate individuals with EI. So the company had decided to create a HR policies survey to know what the main problem in the company is.

This attitude will doubtless affect his perceptions of the female candidates he interviews. Skills inventory are also referred to as competence dictionaries. This is the process of getting a punishment as a consequence of a behavior.

Do certain personality traits make people better-suited to leadership roles, or do characteristics of the situation make it more likely that certain people will take charge.

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This reduces employee boredom which arises out of the monotonous nature of his work. This is particularly suited to situations with fluctuating workloads.

This framework is then mapped to levels or grades that create a job to level mapping. Employee should encourage participating and if possible be held responsible for taking decisions some delegations of responsibility from the managers to the employee could be useful in improving employee ownership.

Forecasting can be described as predicting Question.

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Attitudes are also Question. In that situation, they will not charge a uniform price for all the customers in the market and also the pricing policy followed in that situation.

Social, esteem, and self-actualization are classified as higher-order needs. The first step in the process is to arrive at the desired organizational structure at a given point in time. Most succession planning decisions use the competency assessment data for the employee and this along with the career planning data are used to ascertain employee readiness and inclination for new role and responsibilities in the critical roles identified for succession planning.

It has conducted a survey the result of the survey indicated that there is employee unrest, trade less, asentism more grievance that all clearly indicate low morale. The complexity of a job should be increased so that it may appeal to their higher needs. The strength of the situational cues also affects social perception.

They usually have original minds and great drive for their own ideas and purposes. Describe the factors that influence the span of control. Thinking or feeling T or F. Given the highly educated workforce there was a de-emphasis inPage 4AssignmentHuman Resource Management [MB ]the role of the trade unions, the era of the trade unions dominance give way to the new order of individual negotiated salaries and terms and clearly performance linked assessment system.

Liaison — liasoning with external bodies and public relations activities. An important, albeit often ignored aspect of planning, is the relationship it holds to forecasting.

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So if a particular job cluster has 5 jobs each jobs has a set of competencies and proficiency and this determine the level of the job and let us assume it maps to level 42 in the compensation system. Under conditions of moderate challenge, most employees will experience pleasure and satisfaction.

This role involves activities with people working in the organization. Very few organization today practice this style to people management, as the benefits and long term gains from a HRM approachimpact business results far more. Each job clusters can have anywhere between 5to 17 jobs.

Home Essays Mb Smu Sem 1. Mb Smu Sem 1. Topics: Theory of multiple intelligences Set – 1 Q. 1 Write a note on the characteristics of Management. Ans. Management is a distinct activity having the following salient features or characteristics: 1. Goal-Oriented: Management is a purposeful activity.

Q1. Define the terms ‘strategy’. Explain the following: a) Corporate strategy b) Business strategy c) Functional strategy Ans: Definition of Strategy: Strategy means the grand plan and the term is borrowed from the military which distinguished between the grand plan and actual action by calling the former strategy and the latter tactics.

MB –Management process & Organization Behaviour WINTER MB STATISTICS FOR MANAGEMENT WINTER SMU MCA WINTER solved Assignments are available. ASSIGNMENT Subject code & name: MB – Management Process and Organization Behavior 1.

Define the terms ‘strategy’.

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Explain the Following. Aug 25,  · Sikkim Manipal University Assignments For BCA I am BCA student at SKU(Sikkim Manipal University). Can yo provide me the assignment of BCA sem1 for me.

Or tell mefrom where I can download the same. Subject Code: MB Subject Name: Management Process and Organization Behavior Assignment: Set – 1 Q. 1 Write a note on the characteristics of Management. Ans. Management is a distinct activity having the following salient features or characteristics: 1.

Goal-Oriented: Management is a purposeful activity. It co-ordinates the efforts of employees to achieves the goal of the organization.

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