Geoffrey parker western way of war

Brill Books, [3]. The concept of joint and interrelated in time and space use of air reconnaissance and destruction, integrated into a single system, is a qualitatively new stage in the development of high-precision systems of reconnaissance and destruction.

The West not only enjoys logistical superiority over Third World adversaries but also can effectively deny logistical support to these enemies. Colonel, Slovak Republic Air Force. Republic of Slovakia Air Force. Trebbia, Lake Trasimeno, Cannae were all overwhelming Carthaginian victories, but, after each defeat the Romans could pull back behind their walled cities, lick their wounds, reconstitute their armies, and plan the next campaign.

Western Way Of War

While galleys and small sailing vessels had plied trade routes in the Mediterranean for centuries, they were inadequate for long-range, open-ocean voyages. Seminar Two, Week One. Instead of driving out the invaders, the Indians found themselves driven out, usually to the west.

General Howe attacked New York, for example, with a huge, well-equipped force that was re supplied by sea. The modern sustainment warfighting function is related tasks and systems emplaced to provide warfighters support and services to extend the freedom of movement, operational reach, and endurance of the force.

The cause of her subsequent decline and fall to barbarian tribes is beyond the scope of this paper, but one contributing factor was the fall in revenue and subsequent decrease in her ability to support her troops in the field.

While galleys and small sailing vessels had plied trade routes in the Mediterranean for centuries, they were inadequate for long-range, open-ocean voyages. For the most part, the writings inherited for study today were written within a Eurocentric framework, one that made several assumptions about its audience, the world, and the preordained situations in which military action has taken place.

Second, discipline, rather than kinship, religion, or patriotism, is the primary factor in building organized military units. Moreover, unlike other regions, religions and ideologies have played little or no role in forming the cultures of western military forces. This hampers the ability of the logistician to transport supplies to his troops.

Most non-Western adversaries have limited air forces and those air forces they do have are often dependent upon outside technical support, which can vanish with the outbreak of hostilities.

These three reasons conspired to create and sustain the notion of inevitable victory of the Western world over its non-Western counterparts in the Americas and the Middle and Far East.

Next was an operational base 50 miles or so from the frontier or front where huge amount of supplies were transported by water and accumulated. By taking in the poorest of Roman society in the ranks, the army shifted its loyalty from the Republic and Senate to their commanding general, who fed, clothed, armed, and paid them at his expense.

Along with the improvement and development of traditional means of destruction were developed and refined innovative means of warfare. Armies that rely on foraging have to adapt their strategy to the variables of weather, terrain, season, and availability of food and fodder.

National governments and their sovereigns, in collusion with the Western Christian churches, wielded Church teaching for national and personal economic, territorial, aggrandizement and gain. The Viet Minh encircled the garrison which then had to rely on resupply solely by air. The overwhelming advantage the Allied coalition forces had over Iraqi forces in Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom was in large part due to the interdiction of supplies of food and fuel to forward-deployed Iraqi units, which immobilized them.

He ordered his troops to ignore the fighters and bombers on the airfields and concentrate their attacks on the Cs. Trebbia, Lake Trasimeno, Cannae were all overwhelming Carthaginian victories, but, after each defeat the Romans could pull back behind their walled cities, lick their wounds, reconstitute their armies, and plan the next campaign.

The “Western Way of War”

Cambridge University Press,The history of development of armed struggle is a constant battle of the technical means of attack and remedies.

Like POMCUS, the idea is to rapidly deploy troops to marry up with their equipment to rapidly respond to crisis anywhere in the world particularly, the Middle East.

A Discussion of the Western Way of War

Francisco Pizarro defeated last Incan Emperor Atahuallpa with only soldiers while the Incan Emperor had 30, men at his disposal. Software and information service; Software and hardware, telecommunications and other media; Channels of communication to ensure the circulation of information flow and integration of management systems; Human intelligence and the mass consciousness.

This is in stark contrast to the non-Western peoples who conducted wars to control the labor, by taking the vanquished as slaves instead of to slaughter.

A Discussion of the Western Way of War

Logistical Superiority in the Modern Age While the British were able to adequately supply their army 3, miles distant in the 18th century, the problems of logistical support multiplied with the advent of industrial age warfare. The British had native Indians serving as soldiers in their regiments during the occupation of the Indian subcontinent.

With Rome the predominant sea power in the Mediterranean; Hannibal was forced into a long overland campaign through Spain, Gaul, the Alps, and Cisalpine Gaul prior to reaching Italy. S worked usually independent of each other but the military realized that greater discipline as well as working coordination among the different intelligence agencies would improve intelligence gathering and help thwart potential terrorist attacks.

We have seen that for the battles he has chosen, his traits do appear but to assume they have been uniform for the past years is difficult to accept.

If you have questions or comments on this article, please contact Jeff Patton at: The development of the more sea worthy galleon in the 16th century made sea travel faster, and more survivable.

The “Western Way of War”

The Western world has told and sold the best story, having combined the theology of a missionary and conquering warrior theology with the ability to generate and employ technologies with incredible deftness and agility, and the ability to overwhelm by fighting a more gruesome, quantitatively different style of war than the non-European world.

Hanson, Victor Davis Carnage and Culture:. Geoffrey Parker argues that throughout most of its military history, the west has placed great emphasis on superior technologies to gain edge over rivals (Parker ). In addition, discipline has also served western military forces well and helped them achieve victories despite having significantly smaller forces than the enemies.

A Discussion of the Western Way of War. May tags: American, critical thought, discussing the view that there exists a unique “Western Way of War” and how that unique descriptor came to be.

Again, I post this to generate discussion of the topic not as an answer to any question. Geoffrey Parker, “Chapter 4. Logistics and the Western Way of War: One of the first historians to advance this theme was Geoffrey Parker of Cambridge University who wrote The Cambridge Illustrated History of Warfare: The Triumph of the West, in Parker lists five key attributes of western militaries that he believes have been constant since the fifth century BC.

World War II brought great changes in types of weapons, as well as methods of their use, tactics of fights, the general principle of warfare. During this period, all participating countries were engaged in producing weapon, its improvement and development of new types of weapons.

Geoffrey Parker S Concept Of The Western Way Of War Fall of the Western Genre The "Myth of the West" has provided the film industry with plenty of material, and Western films have probably become the genre most characteristic of.

War has changed significantly over mankind’s thousands of years, but in this modern-day era, Geoffrey Parker attempts to explain the phenomena of the ‘western way of war.’.

Geoffrey parker western way of war
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